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I moved from Groningen to Karlsruhe

posted Nov 10, 2020, 3:14 AM by Michael Maes
Since November 2020, I am professor of sociology at the KIT, a technical university in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Leaving Groningen was a difficult step. I love the city, the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, the Department of Sociology, and the ICS graduate school. There are many great friends and colleagues that I miss dearly. Thanks for making Groningen my second home.

My new chair is part of the Institute of Technology Futures, which is an interdisciplinary research institute focussing on the effects of technology on humans, societies, and the environment. In addition, I am the scientific director of the Methods laboratory of KIT's House of Competence
My teaching will focus on undergraduate sociology courses. In addition, I will offer courses at the House of Competence and the Institute of Technology Futures.

The KIT provides generous funding for empirical and theoretical research into the complexity of online communication systems. In addition, I will continue my work on cooperation and coordination in networks.